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Small delights that make up a good UX January 29, 2009

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in delightful.
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I just had another one of those delightful moments of user experience design. Tiny little details like these really add up to the experience.

Twitter’s text box lets you know how many characters you still have left to type. This is in light gray, so it fades with the rest of the interface.

Then, as you approach your limit, the color of the characters changes to dark red. Or is this a brownish red?

When you are very close to running out of space, it changes once again to red.

These kinds of interface elements are in the periphery of our attention. Would usually pass by unnoticed. By a simple change of color, it came to my foreground. At first my thought in a nanosecond was “Wait, what happened? Did that number just change color?”. So I actually deleted an extra character to see how the number was before. I was surprised to see that it was gray and I had barely seen it. And i’ve been using twitter for quite a while now. I guess I never write long enough messages. 😉

This is what demonstrates a thoughtful user experience, I would say. The small details add up to make a difference.